Arun International School is a safe child-centered 21st Century School. This is the first exposure of the child to a school system before his formal schooling begins. The emphasis here is on the development of language through the four skills Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing. The activities and days are planned in such a way that the child learns something new every day. The activities are meticulously planned and the expectations of the child are kept in mind to make his/her learning enjoyable and do not want to miss school even a single day. The teachers “make” it a point to reach out to every child. In fact, every class is managed by two teachers. To enhance their aesthetic senses, various fun-filled activities are camel out at regular intervals. The weekend is rounded by various competitions & activities.

The evaluation system is informal, comprehensive, non-comparative and based on continuous observation. It revolves around the perspective that each child is a unique individual with his/ her own special qualities, like a flower whose seed has been endowed with specific characteristics that makes it different from every other flower.


In classes I – V we strive to provide a safe and appropriate academic environment that promotes each student’s social, emotional, and academic development. We support the overall school mission and vision by inspiring a passion for learning while helping our students to become the global leaders of tomorrow.


Our curriculum is equipped with a unique integration of traditional educational theory and practice from India. We install a firm traditional and cultural base in our curriculum to ensure a sense of identifying spiritualism and ethics in School.

Arun International School students in its fold a unique opportunity to develop an all rounded personality through the multi-faceted curriculum offered and sufficient facilities to excel in various spheres.

Arun International School seeks to implement a learning model, using teaching system and methods that initiate learning activities.